My package is taking a long time to arrive.

If you have a tracking number:
It will most likely arrive! If 45 days pass from the time you received your tracking number, send us a message, and we’ll file a claim with our courier and either send you a refund or replace the poster. It will most likely get to you, though.  If the status says "In Transit", it will arrive!

If you have your order number, but not a tracking number yet:
Most likely the courier hasn’t scanned your package yet. Please be patient, and contact us using our Contact Form or email us at hello@arnamiller.com if you haven’t gotten your tracking number one week after you placed your order, we’ll be happy to look into it.

Sending this to your loved ones or friend and want to add a special note?

We are not able to accommodate this currently.

Are the prints signed?

No they are not.

I would like to get a tattoo of your art.

You have my blessing!  Please send me a photo using the Contact Form, and/or tag me in social media.  If it is from the Drunk Cat series please give credit to @arnamiller and @raviamarzupa.

I have to pay a customs fee?

Please note shipments outside of The Netherlands may be subject to Duty/Tax charges, added duties and taxes in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer. Please check with your local customs agency regarding these fees. Customs agents can delay the delivery of some packages.

Where do you ship from?

We ship all our domestic orders directly from The Netherlands from our main fulfillment center in Zazou Bazar.

Can I buy your art wholesale?

Yes, we offer wholesale. Please go to this link and fill out the form to start the process: https://arnamiller.nl/pages/wholesale

Can you ship matchboxes internationally?

We can ship the matchboxes internationally, but unfortunately, we cannot ship the matches inside as there are restrictions that forbid shipping flammable products across borders. 

Collaboration Requests

We are open to collaborations depending on time availability, please contact us using the form for more information on this.